Tiny Watercolor

Kim Wiessner Makes Art the home of emerging artist Kim Wiessner. Kim sells her "Tiny Watercolors" paintings online via this website.

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Fin Foundry

FinFoundry is a small company focused on making the FinTech industry visually stunning.

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Let's Talk Payments

LTP is the #1 ranked insights resource for the FinTech industry. This company is a critical resource for up-to-the-minute Fintech knowledge.

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Seeking Challenge

I have strategized, promoted and influenced omni-channel digital experiences in the 4th largest financial organization in the world. I am highly creative and love improving digital experiences through customer-centered design. I’m currently seeking an opportunity to employ my experience and enthusiasm for building trustworthy user experiences for enterprise-level products and services.


Kim Wiessner Head Shot

Let's Collaborate

I'm always looking for opportunities to collaborate with customer-focused companies, large and small. If you think my range of skills would be a fit for your next big project, please send me a note.